Comitti of London

After 150 years, Comitti of London remains a family run business that takes pride in an international reputation for integrity, quality and service.

A unique collection inspired by a 350 year heritage of making fine clocks and barometers in England, has been combined with desirable modern features that increase the pleasure derived from owning a product made by Comitti.

It’s About Time are please to be able to offer these fine clocks to the public. They embody some of the finest craftsmanship usually associated with a bygone age, and will become the family heirlooms of the future.

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Comitti Longcase Clocks

The workmanship of the finest English Clockmakers of the 18th & 19th centuries have influenced the creation of Comitti Longcase replicas. This exquisite collection makes it possible to acquire clocks that were previously only available to museums or serious collectors. Comitti have have developed a number of refinements in design to improve accuracy and reliability, facilitating convenience and ease of use in the modern home environment.

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Comitti Skeleton Clocks

Each Comitti Skeleton clock is hand made from solid brass, polished and gold plated. The movements are mounted on mahogany bases and protected by glass covers. The unique quality is reflected in the very small numbers of each model Comitti are able to make each year.

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Comitti Mantel Clocks

Comitti offer these clocks with various movement types, from superb 9 bell triple chime movements to precision quartz movements, to suit all requirements in the modern home.

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Comitti Wall Clocks

Comitti offer weight and spring driven wall clocks that reflect the design and craft skills of English clockmakers.

Included in this collection are English Dial Clocks derived from clocks for public places. Their attraction was their large clear dials and spring driven movements.

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Comitti Bracket Clocks

The carriage clocks Comitti offer today are a blend of the superb craftsmanship of the early makers and the technical excellence achievable with modern methods of production. The movements and cases are all hand made in London. The elegance of these timepieces would grace any home or occasion.

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Comitti Barometers

The cabinet decoration and styling of the early barometer makers was influenced by the architects and furniture makers Robert Adams and Thomas Sheraton. The designs Comitti offer today include many examples of our early work, classics typical of the period.