Carriage Clocks

Bolviller , James Pitkethly , London .

235mm x 110mm x 125mm

Bolviller is one of the clock makers we are always surprised by. This clock is no exception. We have had several Bolviller clocks over the years, but not one of them has had an escapement quite like this one, it is a work of art, as well as fine clock making. The clock features a center sweep seconds which is quite rare on a French clock and has bell striking for the hours and half hours. The Ormolu case is very decorative with scrolls and flowers, a fully engraved dial mask with enamel dial signed by the retailer James Pitkethly of London. We have researched extensively to try and find information on Mr Pitkethly and have been unsuccessful. The clock would date to around 1860-70.


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