Wall Clocks

Very Small Antique 'Fusee' Wall Clock

34 x 27 x 15cm

An attractive 'drop dial' or 'trunk dial' timepiece with a fine and substantial fusee movement and heavy pendulum. The case in mahogany and of good colour has one lower convex door held with a lock and key and one side door held with a traditional latch. The fully restored 8 inch dial shows the name Williamson and Horological (shortened) Engineer. Coventry. The blued steel hands and cast brass collet to the centre. This clock most likely dates to around 1870-80 and retains the two fixing points either side of the case. To fully appreciate this clock you must come and see it next to a full size examples. There is a Williamson of Coventry listed working at 1880 in the Book- Watch and Clock makers of the world. Vol 2.

£1750.00 G.B.Pounds

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