Wall Clocks

8 Inch Convex Dial Clock

31 x 25 x 15cm

Here we have an exceptionally pretty wall clock of small proportions in mahogany with a superb quality round shape fusee movement which was quite unusual for the period. The dial is signed W.Young of Pentonville . In both editions of Watch and Clockmakers of the World , William Young is listed as working from and around 1820. We would date this clock closer to 1830, but certainly around that late Regency period. It has attractive and simple brass inlays to the small 'drop ' or 'trunk', a locking lower door , convex glass and will run for a week on a single wind . Interestingly the movement is stamped to front plate by Hampson & Sons , London who would have supplied the high quality parts to make the clock - they are also listed as Clock & Hand Makers circa 1828. Quite a rare clock.


£3250.00 G.B.Pounds



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