Wall Clocks

De La Rue, Bunhill Row, London

47 x 37 x 15cm

Here we have a rather interesting timepiece. The case is made of Walnut with a highly figured front panel. The clock has the usual lower convex door held with a lock and key and side door held with a latch, but what's interesting is the fact that this clock was in the offices of De La Rue, a company which is still going strong today and who printed our British bank notes. The label shows it was taken from the Transfer dept for servicing by Thwaites & Reed of Bowling Green lane, EC1. The offices of De La Rue were in Bunhill Row, London . The clock features a fully overhauled single 'fusee' movement with long brass rod pendulum and Bob. Overall the clock has a pleasant warm colour and is ready to grace any interior, classic or contemporary. Sold with a full 24 month guarantee.

£1295.00  G.B.Pounds


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