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10" Trunk Dial - Calderwood

42 x 31 x 15cm

A true 'Mayfair' timepiece and slightly smaller example than the traditional 12" dial and makes it rather more attractive. The case is a pleasing figured mahogany with a convex lower section and door to the trunk held with a lock and key. Side door held with a traditional latch and bezel too. The 10" dial bears the name of Calderwood , Eccelstone Street, EATON SQUARE (London). He is recorded working in London from 1869-1881 in Watch & Clockmakers of the world VOL2. The very high quality chain fusee movement is now fully overhauled and sold with a 24 month guarantee. Please try and visit us to view this clock.


£1750.00  G.B.Pounds


£Price Here G.B. Pounds

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