Wall Clocks

Barkers of Whitechapel

38 x 38 x 15cm

This is a classic 12" dial School clock with the high quality fusee movement and heavy lead filled bob pendulum. The case is constructed of Mahogany and has a side door held with a turn latch and a lower convex door held with a lock. The dial is signed by Barkers of Whitechapel . We have not yet found any references to Barkers of Whitechapel. Our thought's are that maybe they were retailers or clockmakers around the end of the 19th Century. The clock has a brass bezel which can be polished and laquered if you prefer a little shine of the brass...just let us know and we will prepare it for you. The clock is wound once a week and can be hung easily with a simple nail or screw in the wall. Sold with a 24 month Guarantee.

£850.00 G.B.Pounds



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