Wall Clocks

Addison of Bridgnorth , Convex Dial Wall Clock

39 x 35 x 15cm

This fine and rather elegant wall clock is now looking great again! When this clock arrived it had a very poorly painted face/dial, probably done sometime back in 1960's or 70's when this type of clock had very little value. The dial has now been carefully restored following the 'ghosting' after we removed the modern over paint. Also note the name on the back of the dial which is very common, the freshly painted dial would be given to the local signwriter/dial painter with the name of the clockmaker painted poorly across the back of the dial so there could be no confusion if he or she had more than one on the bench. The movement is a fully restored and beautifully shaped fusee with heavy pendulum bob as can be seen if the pictures . The clock dates to around 1840 and there is a John Addison of Bridgnorth recorded in B.Loomes book- Watch and Clockmakers of the World Vol 2 .


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