Mantel Clocks

Mantel Clock by Henry Marc

24 x 15 x 10cm

 This really is a fine little mantel clock or as the French would call it, a 'Pendule Portative' as it has a carriage clock type of movement which can be moved around the home freely as it doesn't have a pendulum. The case is slim and elegant with shaping to the mouldings and constructed of ebonised oak. The signed dial shows Roman numerals and the name of the maker Henry Marc of Paris , who would have made this clock around 1850 - 1860 . The hands are the original 'Tre-foil' design and there's an engraved and gilded sight to the edge of the dial. The 4 glass panels are bevelled and look to be the original white glass. The clock has a number 45 which relates to the escapement, as that is also stamped 45 to the underside. The rear of the movement is also stamped 18243 - the number of the clock. Bell striking on the hour with a single blow of the bell for the half hours. Sold with a full 24 month guarantee.


£2450.00 G.B.Pounds


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