Longcase Clocks

A.Symington of Kettle .

H.83"  W.20"  D.9.5"

After hours of research we have discovered that Mr Andrew Symington was not just well known for good quality clocks but also a rather inventive chap like his father - William . We have attached and can supply various information about his inventions and Patents .

This clock, a 'belly door' flame mahogany , longcase clock with half columns to the trunk and a 'Swan neck' hood has full columns either side of the arched and glazed door . A very good example of Scottish clock making in the early Victorian period . The well painted dial is in near perfect condition and has a lady to the arch possibly Charlotte Dundas , the Lord Dundas's daughter (and name given to his fathers invention of the first steam boat). The corner paintings are of local country buildings . The movement is of good quality  and strikes the Hour on a bell and runs for a week on a single wind . Andrew Symington of Kettle , Fife is Listed in 'Old Scottish Clockmakers' by John Smith - working from 1834-45 .




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