Carriage Clocks

Idrac Le Roy, Henri Jacot, Half Hour Sonnerie

160mm x 90mm x 80mm

Here we have something a little different, I will also say 'rare' as I do not believe you will see another clock quite like this ! Retailed by Idrac Le Roy , 22 Rue De Bouloi, Paris but made for him by Henri Jacot. This was most likely a special commission, Half hour sonnerie is silent on the quarter past and quarter too, but strikes the half hour with full grande sonnerie so there is no confusion at 12.30, 1 and 1.30, ingenious! If you depress the repeat button you get the full grande sonnerie on each quarter as expected. The clock strikes on two small early gongs. The mercurial gilding is very thick and still in remarkable condition. The glass is all original. The movement has been fully overhauled and with the addition of calendar and alarm make this quite an exceptional clock. The movement has a number stamp of 1866 which is also scratched on the underside of the escapement. The inside plate has the usual oval stamp of Jacot with the 1862 Medailles (see photos) for the London and Paris expositions which he was awarded the Bronze Medal. We would date this clock to around 1870 -75 .

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