Carriage Clocks

Early Carriage Clock

150mm x 80mm x 60mm

A fine and quite early carriage clock with an enamel dial showing Roman numerals and alarm setting sub-dial. The dial also has an engraved border, seen on many early carriage clocks. It also has a very unusual type of escapement with a chronometer style balance wheel and helical hair spring the balance cock has been beautifully engraved as well as the lever and escape wheel cocks. Striking the hours and half on a tuned bell and housed in a superb gilt, engraved case with a solid engraved rear door. Interestingly this clock bears no markings of the usual makers for the period but would say this looks very much like the early work of Moser or Henry Marc. Being a 'multi piece' case we can date this to around the 1840's. The gilding is the original. A very fine clock with a very fine escapement.



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