Carriage Clocks

Bourdin, Duplex with rare Strike.

It's not often we are surprised by a clock but this Bourdin Carriage clock has done just that. The reason for this is the strike. The strike for the hour is on Bell and the strike for the half hour on a Gong, ingenious ! thus solving the problem of the 12.30 , 1 & 1.30 strike if you are not looking at the clock just listening. To achieve this the clockmaker (Boudin - Clockmaker to the King of France ) has had to cleverly invent a 'pump' hammer to switch between them. As if that wasn't enough the clock has the original Duplex escapement which is exceptional. Bourdin was a small producer of fine and now rare carriage clocks from the Rue de la Paix and won many medals and honours. Circa 1850. We have uploaded a small clip on youtube HERE.




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