Mantel Clocks

Henry Marc Mantel Clock

22 x 13 x 15cm

Shown is a fine example of the 'Pendule Portative' or portable clock as it has a silk suspension which is very forgiving when the clock is carried . This beautiful example has a superb 'watersilk' engine turned dial which was quite popular in the 1830-50's and quite possibly the best set of hands we have ever seen on such a clock being elaborately made and gilded . The dial has a rating square above the 12 o'clock position and a small cartouche below the six with Henry Marc's Name and Paris . The case is mostly Rosewood with fancy inlays to both sides and line inlays to the outer edges. Bell striking on the hour and half hour and being a 'countwheel' strike you can run this clock Silently too. A very good Henry Marc, clock. Circa 1840-50.



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